LB Mandala Tweed review/Long Winter Scarf

Hi hello and welcome!

I have received the Lion Brand Mandala Tweed yarn courtesy of Yarn Canada in return for an honest review.


This is a 100% acrylic yarn, which I love.
I use acrylic yarn for basically everything so I am very picky which acrylic yarns I use.  I look for yarn that is soft, doesn’t feel plastic-y and has a fair price.  Tweed matches all 3 categories.   It is such a soft yarn, it’s been a dream to work with.
I didn’t have any issues with my hook splitting the yarn.
This is such a versatile yarn.  It’s light enough for a baby blanket and very warm and cozy for wearables.


I love the colour range that tweed has; you don’t feel bored using this yarn because of all of the changes in colour.  That is a deal breaker for me, as many others I hate weaving in ends, but using this yarn you get the interesting colour changes as well as not having excess ends to weave in!

Mandala Tweed offers a wide variety of colour options to appeal to everyone.  I chose the colourway Dice because it’s so bright and cheery and I knew I wanted to use it for a scarf.  I do have a penchant for bright scarves even though I don’t wear a lot of bright clothes.

I definitely recommend this yarn.


Below is the scarf pattern!

I knew that I wanted a super scarf with this yarn, I had first attempted a knit scarf but I didn’t love it.  So I switched to this and I love it so much.
You could easily customize this scarf.
Chain less stitches and make a wider scarf, grab a second cake of tweed and make an amazingly wide super scarf!  There really are so many different options to do this.

Gauge isn’t important here.

5mm hook
tapestry needle
1 cake of Mandala Tweed
Stitch markers
ch 1 at beg does not count as a stitch

ch 401 (I placed stitch markers every 100 stitches so I wouldn’t lose count)
Row 1 – in 2nd ch from hook HDC, HDC in each stitch across – 400 stitches
Rows 2-13 – ch 1, HDC in back loop only in each stitch across.  Fasten off yarn.
with remaining yarn cut 88 7.5in length pieces for fringe.
take 4 lengths of yarn and evenly add 11 fringes across each short end.  You will fold the yarn in half so you will have 8 strands in each fringe.

I had some orange and some yellow at the end of the cake so I tried to evenly cut the same amount of lengths of each colour so the fringe would be equal colours.
This scarf is approx. 4.5in wide x 125in long without fringe





Happy crafting, A

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