Two Hearts

Hi, hello and welcome!

This is my ode to valentines day.  And probably the only one I will do!
Like many people, I’m not a fan of valentines day.
I created these conversation hearts for fun.


A little back story… I have been cross stitching for around 25 years, but this is the first time I have actually made a pattern, albeit simplistic and made it public.
I have done many quotes and song lyrics for myself.
I find creating knitting and crochet patterns much easier even though I have been doing those for a shorter amount of time.
*Full disclosure, I was lazy and haven’t finished the backs yet, so yes you can see the extra fabric.  Lol

Please enjoy!

I would love to see finished pieces, please use #gwcreationshandmade

Copyright (C) 2020 GW Creations Handmade

The red line is not meant to be stitched, it marks the middle.
I used 14c aida, I cut an 8inx8in piece.
5in hoop for framing
Actual stitched area is 42w x 45h

Bite me heart - Stitch Fiddle

fuck off heart - Stitch Fiddle(2)

Happy crafting

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