Cora Cowl

I made this cowl for a secret Santa gift, yes I am a little behind posting the pattern!
This cowl is very easy to make, it’s great for beginners!

Materials needed:
8mm needles
yarn needle
cable needle
2 100g balls of bernat sofftee chunky yarn or a super bulky yarn.

Finished size is approx. 7in w x 17.5in l when it has been folded and sewn together.

Gauge – 11 sts x 14 rows in stocking stitch = 4in x 4in

k – knit
p – purl
sts – stitches
c3b – transfer 3 stitches to cable needle and leave at the back of work.  k3 sts, k3 sts from cable needle.

*When I made the black cowl I slipped the first stitch purl wise at the beginning of every row.  I found that it did curl in and needed to be blocked.  The pattern is written as to knit the first stitch instead of slipping the first stitch.  You may choose whichever option you prefer.  I much prefer the look of the slipped stitch but it did curl which can be frustrating. *

Long tail cast on 23sts
1 – k across
2 – k3 p17 k3
3 – k across
4 – k3 p17 k3
5 – k across
6 – k3 p17 k3
7 – k4 c3b k3 c3b k4
8 – k3 p17 k3
repeat these 8 rows 13 times.
at this point the cowl should measure approx. 7in w x 35in l.
cast off and mattress stitch the short ends together.


Happy crafting


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