2018 Temperature chart

I promised I would write about this, albeit late here I am.

I decided to do a cross stitch temperature chart as opposed to a temperature blanket because of time.  Knowing how many different projects I had on the go I just couldn’t keep up with a row a day for a blanket.

The reason I did one for 2018 was because I turned 35 and I wanted to do something special.
I didn’t like the patterns that were out, they didn’t suit my needs so I designed my own.
I wanted something that would show each month separately so I can see each day.
I definitely did not want a bell pull so I came up with this design.
I based it off of a finished size and made it work for the size I wanted.

I live in sw Ontario Canada.  We get very cold winters and very humid summers.  Thus I wanted to be able to convey that on my chart.
I chose to take the temperature at noon everyday and record both the actual temperature and the wind chill/humidity temperature.
For this reasoning I have two colours per day.

I only forgot to take the temperature about 3 days of the whole year.
I forgot to take the noon temperature and remembered in the evening.  Those days the temp was pretty much the same so it worked out.

This is a very special piece for me, other than charting quotes this is the first real chart I have made.
It turned out beautifully.  I can look at it and remember specific days.
I am so happy with this, there aren’t words to describe it.
There is something special knowing you have something that is one of a kind.

A few people have asked if I am doing one this year since I love it.
That would be a no, lol.  I very much love this piece but stitching 40 stitches a day can be a lot to keep up with.
I may do another in the future, just not sure when.
I was working on other projects and for 5 months I was very behind.  Suddenly being a month behind is a lot of stitching to catch up to.
I did get caught up before Christmas and I did finish on new years eve.

I do hope to chart this out and make it available in the shop.  watermark_2019-01-27-19-16-10

Happy crafting,

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