Gia Infinity scarf


I have been thinking about making this scarf for some time.  I’ve wanted to combine knitting and crocheting to make a statement piece that stands out.
I think this piece does that.
Using super bulky yarn it works up fast and there are so many colour options to choose from!

Gia Infinity Scarf

Materials needed:

8mm needles and 8mm hook
tapestry needle
measuring tape

3 100g balls of Bernat Softee Chunky in colours of choice, or a super bulky yarn.
The colours I used are:
Colour A: misty grape
Colour B : velvet teal
Colour C: true grey

Finished size is approx. 6in wide x 35in long

Gauge 4in x 4in = 8sc x 9 rows
If your gauge doesn’t match you may not have enough yarn to complete colour C, and you may require a second ball.

k – knit
sl1pwyif – slip 1st stitch purl wise with yarn in front of needle, after you have slipped the first stitch you will put the yarn in the back to continue knitting. (you may omit this if you like, I really like how clean this makes the edges.  I have included photos at the bottom of the page.)
sc – single crochet
hdc – half double crochet
sts – stitches
ch – chain

With 8mm needles and colour A cast on 15 sts (I used a long tail cast on which makes connecting the scarf much easier)
Row 1 – sl1pwyif, k to end of row.
Continue row 1 until piece measures 29.5 in.
Change to colour B (you will still sl1pwyif  with colour A and then continue knitting in colour B.  I like to knot my yarn, however you prefer to change colours is fine)
Continue with row 1 in colour B until colour B measures 6in.
Cast off, do not finish off yarn, leave the last stitch on the needle.
Transfer the stitch to your hook and ch 1 and turn your work.


You will make 14 sc across your cast off sts. (because you did not finish off that last stitch 14 sts is correct 🙂 )
Row 2 – ch 1, hdc in each stitch, turn (ch 1 does not count as a stitch)
continue with row 2 until colour B measures 12 in (6in garter stitch, 6in hdc)
Change to colour C ( however you prefer to change colours.  I fastened off colour B then started colour C by tying a knot onto the first stitch)
continue with Row 2 until colour C is 29in, turn.
ch 1, 1sc in each stitch across.
Fasten off
Using which ever colour you like, A or C, connect ends using a slip stitch.
My crocheted side was a tad wider than my knitted side so it was much easier to connect with the long tail cast on as you can see the stitches.




If you’ve never done sl1pwyif please see below:



I really hope you enoy making this scarf!
I would love to see what colours you choose, please feel free to tag me on instagram @ astitches, or #giainfinityscarf

Happy crafting


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