Ice Dyed

I just finished dyeing my favourite piece of fabric yet!
I am using aida for cross stitching, for this tutorial I would recommend using 100% cotton fabric for best results.
I thought I would share how I did it.
materials:  a piece of aida in the size needed ( my design size for this is 8inx6in so I cut my fabric 14inx12in this allows 3in allowance around each edge and it gives me extra fabric as your fabric will tend to shrink during this process)
powder dye such as tulip, rit, dylon etc.
I recommend using plastic gloves to save your hands.
a lot of ice.
dish rack (sometime to keep the fabric elevated out of the water, I found mine at dollarama)
plastic bin/container that will fit the above rack
sewing machine – optional but doing a zigzag stitch around the edges will help stop the fraying.

If you have ice dyed before you may have pre-washed your fabric and used the soda ash soak.  I skipped this since I used 100% cotton fabric.
Tip: I found that the fabric took the dye better not using the soda ash soak – if you are using a linen or evenweave you may still wish to use the soda ash soak.

To get started:
cut your fabric to the desired size.
sew a zigzag or straight stitch around the edges.
Wet the fabric and twist it and wrap into a ball.
Cover with a lot of ice, more ice the better.
Sprinkle power dye over ice (the more you use the darker the fabric will turnout)
you may choose to cover to keep pets or kids out.


Let it sit for 24hours then rinse/wash until water is clear.
Let dry then iron and it’s ready to use.

Ice dyeing is really that easy.
I love it because no two pieces will be the same, it also give a very wonderful background for your stitching.
Below is my finished result!
I used only grey rit dye and there is a bit of red,purple and blue.


Happy crafting!

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